Our latest addition to the programme is Amikam Toren (City & Guilds of London Art School).


Toren’s seminal work ‘Neither a Teapot nor a Painting’ was the first of his works to address the idea of representation within the discipline of painting. He grinds the titular teapot into a powder to create a pigment of sorts, which is used to paint a life-size image of the erstwhile teapot, then displayed beside a sample of the teapot pigment.

“My intention was to link form with content. To that extent the process I performed was more important than the image I painted.”

Amikam will be discussing his propositional paintings, exploring the idea of representation.

“This artist is not going to contribute to the profits of the paint industry as he creates his pigments himself: the powder from the teapot, the sawdust from the chairs, the pulverised newsprint of The Times, all mixed with colourless PVA binder; and so everything finds itself back in its picture again.”

Christoph Blase. ‘The picture is not the picture’. In: Amikam Toren. Ikon Gallery/Arnolfini Gallery, 1990.

Image courtesy of the artist and Anthony Reynolds Gallery