Our next preview of the Clay symposium comes from British artist Clare Twomey who will be discussing her installation, Monument in her presentation: “Making material: Processes and practice of a monumental work”.


In Monument, broken tiles, plates, cups, jugs, mugs and other ceramic shards possessing ghostly traces of everyday domestic life are stacked on top of each other: shattered domestic objects assembled on a monumental scale. Characteristically, Twomey places materiality at the heart of the work. Monument is a work that has been made on three international sites. It’s scale is vast and its contents are borrowed. Working with ceramic industries reveals a constant and generous purview to the skills, materials and adaptions of mass production in ceramics. The navigation of the otherwordliness of industrial production and presentation in the work Monument leads the viewer to attend to questions of what it means to experience other worlds, to dwell in moments of sublime temporality that shared human experience of material can hold us in. This work examines the relationship between our domestic lives, memory and industrial scale.

Clare Twomey is a British artist and a research fellow at the University of Westminster who works with clay in large-scale installations, sculpture and site-specific works. Over the past ten years she has exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate, Crafts Council, Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Japan, the Eden Project and the Royal Academy of Arts. Within these works Twomey has maintained her concerns with materials, craft practice and historic and social context.