Postgraduate students from across the Art School enjoyed an artist talk by Daphne Wright this month, as part of the MA Art & Material Histories Material Matters unit.

Daphne spoke about her art education, career, and the importance of materials in her work – particularly the politics of materials. Despite having worked in many different media (plaster, tinfoil, and found objects amongst others), clay persists as an important part of her practice.

“In terms of clay, because I had studied ceramics, I also studied modelling; so I just started modelling anything I needed because it was the most direct and cheapest form of production.”

Familiar clay processes are also given a new lease of life in her work, as with the towering tinfoil cacti in Where Do Broken Hearts Go (2020), made using a hand-built coil pot method.

A recording of Daphne’s talk is now avaialble on the Art School’s YouTube channel.