The Materials Foyer is a carefully-curated reference library in the heart of the Art School where students can learn more about what materials mean to conservators, carvers and artists. Its purpose is to draw attention to materials, create dialogue and acknowledge the breadth of processes used across our Historic Carving, Conservation and Fine Art departments. The Materials Foyer is curated to reflect the current Materials Matters focus; for 2020/21, this is Clay.

Ana Kazaroff, MA Fine Art alumna, Decorative Surfaces Fellow

Chuck Norris’ kidney (2020)

Earthenware, ceramic shell, bronze


Daniel Russell, BA Historic Carving

Sketch modelled capitals (2019)



Ruth Duckworth, City & Guilds of London Art School alumna

Exhibition catalogues (1988, 2015)

Courtesy of Erskine, Hall & Coe

Student index card

London Metropolitan Archives, City of London, CLC/211/MS21996

@erskinehallcoe @ldnmetarchives

Charlotte Doe, BA Fine Art alumna

Inselberg (2013)

Glazed porcelain

Lace (2014)

Etching on porcelain, ink with ceramic pigment

City & Guilds of London Art School Archive

Head modelling class at the Art School (circa 1950)


Benedict Hughes, MA Fine Art alumnus

Famous vegetarians: William Blake, RZA, Benjamin Zephaniah, Mary Shelley

Hand painted porcelain


Louise Davison & Nicola Shreeve, BA Conservation Studies

Detail from 15th century frieze from Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice (2019)

Detail from frieze at the temple of Antoninus and Faustina in the Forum Romanum (2019)

London clay, gilding

Elaine Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Fine Art

Don’t touch! (2013)

Slip cast white earthenware, decals, gold lustre

Jules Bleckman, BA Fine Art

Be my rock of refuge (2020)

Unfired earthenware clay, PVA, spray paint, acrylic paint, digital media


Nick Paton, MA Fine Art alumnus, Artist woodwork fellow

Hot bed (2019)

White stoneware, black Vulcan, bronze


Ieva Stradina, BA Conservation Studies

1st year Professional moulding and casting project

Cast broccoli (2020)

RTV silicone rubber, plaster, gilding

Lucia Ferguson, MA Fine Art

Wilful acts (2020)



Nina Bilbey, Senior Tutor, Historic Carving

Sketch modelling examples: Snail, Seated figure, HRH Queen Elizabeth II (for statue at Canterbury Cathedral), Lizard

Earthenware, terracotta


Daniel Russell & Judith Pollock, BA Historic Carving

Skull models (2019)

Stoneware, graphite

@danrussellart @judepollock_maker

Winsor & Newton

Clay ingredients for pencil and oil paint manufacture

China clay (Kaolin), Natural clay extender, PY43 Natural yellow oxide, Natural clay thickener


City & Guilds of London Institute Archive

Art School Programme, 1881 (facsimile)

South London Technical Art School (renamed City & Guilds Art School in 1937)

London Metropolitan Archives, City of London, CLC/211/MS21993/001